UV Blacklight

Cat Urine UV Blacklight and Scorpion FlashlightWhat is that Smell? Your cat has peed somewhere in the room and you just can’t find it. Is it on your carpet, drapes or rugs? You smell the odor but you just can’t see the stain, until now! The Simon UV black light flashlight with 14 LEDs can help you find the DRY pet urine spots around your house with a flick of a switch.

Just turn off the lights in a dark room then turn on your Simon UV blacklight flashlight and soon you will be able to see those DRY pet urine spots around the house. You will be amazed what you will find in a matter of minutes.

The DRY pet urine detector is easy to use and can be operational in seconds. All you have to do is place three new AAA batteries (Not Included) into the battery cage. Screw on the tail cap and then press the On/Off switch and then turn the lights off to make the room dark.

The programmed UV wavelength is set for 390-400nm nanometers to not only find DRY dog and cat urine spots, but also arthropods like scorpions. You will be simply amazed on the variety of fluorescence that will show up underneath the UV flashlight black light.

So what are you waiting for?

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