Torch Light

Having a torch light flashlight on hand can make life easier in many ways. Not only are these compact devices great for performing household maintenance, they can also be used for personal safety and to signal for help in case of emergency.

Simon Cree LED Flash Light Mini Torch XPE

It is advisable to invest in a torch light that includes Cree light bulbs and chips. Cree revolutionized the lighting industry by manufacturing high quality LED diodes that last a long time and produce exceptional luminosity.

LED technology has rapidly advanced and allowed manufacturers to produce smaller flashlights which emit powerful light beams normally found in much larger devices.

While light emitting diodes are inexpensive to manufacture, they yield a longer life cycle and consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. It’s best to use quality batteries with LED flashlights to extend the life cycle and ensure the device produces the highest level of brightness.

Simon Flashlights operate with three AAA batteries or one lithium ion battery. We recommend using rechargeable batteries because they are more affordable in the long run and also are better for the environment.

Another way to extend battery life is to invest in flashlights that include multiple light settings. Our torch light offers three settings of low, high, and strobe. The light beam can be further adjusted by using the sixteen focus settings. Combined, these settings let users obtain pinpoint precision lighting to an expansive light beam.

The Simon mini torch is 5.38-inches in length with a body diameter of 1.20-inches and a head diameter of 1.38-inches. Its compact size easily fits in the hand palm and the ergonomic design comfortably offers a good grip.

Weighing in at only 8 ounces, it can be worn on belts or waistbands using the built-in heavy duty belt clip. The Simon XPE torch also includes an adjustable 5.75-inch lanyard-style wrist band.

Ladies like the wrist band as it provides the ability to have light while holding their children’s hands, carrying in groceries, or bringing home work from the office. Its compact size is ideal for storing in car consoles, purses, backpacks, and briefcases.

It’s the perfect size flashlight to take along on evening strolls or when entering parking garages. The Simon torch light includes a strobe setting which can be used to make people aware of your presence in dark places or to signal for help.

One of the most attractive features of the mini torch is although it’s small, it emits up to 150 lumens. This brightness is strong enough to temporarily blind a person; making it a good personal safety tactical device.

Last, but not least, the Simon Cree LED flashlight XPE 200 is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum which makes it highly durable and shock-resistant. The rugged design aids in protecting the inner workings and can endure tough environments.

In addition to torch lights, Simon Flashlights also offers tactical flashlights and UV blacklight flashlights. We invite you to visit our flashlight blog to learn about the different types and determine which is best suited for the tasks you want to perform.