Tactical Flashlight

Investing in a tactical flashlight is a wise decision because this style can be used for many purposes. Most people find it to be ideal for personal safety and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. It’s also perfect for use around the home or office.

People often think of a tactical flashlight as being heavy, bulky devices that are inconvenient to carry. While there are some brands that manufacture long flashlights often referred to as billy clubs, the majority of today’s tactical devices are compact, lightweight, and small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand.Cree T6 Pro

Simon LED flashlights offers handheld multi-purpose tactical flashlights which weigh less than 8 ounces and with an average length of 6 inches. This style is preferred by many professionals including law enforcement, firefighters, emergency responders, military personnel, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and warehouse workers.

One of the most popular models is our Cree T6 Pro which produces 500 lumens. The expanse of the light beam can be adjusted using the 5 soft touch modes and 16 dial focus settings.

Another popular model is the Simon Cree DU2 flashlight which is designed to through its beam to a distance while emitting up to 375 lumens of white light. Weighing in dry at only 5.4 ounces, this device can be mounted to rifles or shotguns; making it ideal for outdoorsmen, sports enthusiasts, and law enforcement personnel.Simon Cree DU2 Pro

Both the T6 and DU2 are exceptional personal safety devices. The DU2 is outfitted with a strike bezel which can aid in fighting off an attacker. Both are constructed using aircraft grade aluminum. This material is durable and impact-resistant, yet lightweight and non-corrosive.

There are numerous benefits to having a tactical flashlight on hand. In fact, it’s wise to own several to ensure you always have one around for any situation. They are ideal for storing in vehicle and watercraft consoles; home and office tool boxes; on job sites; and for carrying in backpacks and handbags.

Pet owners will appreciate the compact size of Simon LED tactical flashlights because they can illuminate the path during evening walks and improve visibility to others who are walking or cycling in the area, as well as oncoming motorists.

Tactical flashlights are a perfect accompaniment when camping and hiking. The DU2 can illuminate distances up to 400 feet away. It’s great for keeping wildlife away from camp and is essential when hiking or cycling wooded trails.

People who work in construction and maintenance industries will appreciate the durability and multiple light beam settings of the T6 Pro torch flashlight. The attached adjustable wristband provides better control of the device when working in tight spaces, while the max 500 lumens delivers adequate lighting for nearly any task.

Simon tactical flashlights include Cree bulbs and components due to their reliability and performance. Cree is known for their long-lasting bulbs which offer up to 100,000 hours of luminosity.

It should be noted that to maximize the performance and lifespan of LED flashlights, it is critical to use high quality batteries. Oftentimes, generic brands will result in spotty light streams and diminished lumen output.

Simon Cree tactical flashlights operate on three AAA alkaline batteries or one rechargeable lithium ion battery or 1 18650. Most people find rechargeable batteries are a more cost-effective option.

Another important note is LED bulbs are capable of inducing temporary blindness and should never be shone directly into a person’s eyes other than when fleeing for safety.

Thanks to modern technology, Cree LED flashlights are very affordable. The T6 Pro torchlight retails for $30, while the DU2 is priced at $40. Simon flashlights are sold through our Amazon store front and backed with a limited lifetime warranty.