Secondary Tactical Flashlight

Purchasing a secondary secondary tactical flashlight is a smart investment, as this device can offer personal protection as well as providing light for common tasks. This style is ideal for people who need to illuminate large areas or desire exceptionally bright light.

In the past, most tactical flashlights were bulky and long; making it difficult to carry around. Modern technology allows manufacturers to produce much smaller devices which emit brighter lights at a fraction of the cost.

There are different styles of tactical flashlights, so it’s a good idea to become familiar with what’s available. Some are carried by hand, others are mounted to firearms or head gear.

One of the more popular is the Simon High Power T6 flashlight. This compact and lightweight device is manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum to deliver a high level of shock resistance. It is our brightest LED flashlight and emits 500 lumens.

The A T6 Pro is equipped with Cree bulbs and 16 adjustable focus settings. It includes an adjustable wrist strap to allow for ease in carrying and can also be mounted to most universal rail mounts on firearms.

In the past, tactical flashlights were most often used by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and gun enthusiasts. Today, they are sought after by people who enjoy outdoor activities and for use in emergency and survival kits.

Since LED tactical flashlights emit brighter light beams they require use of quality batteries. Using substandard batteries can end up costing more money as they will have to be replaced often.

It’s more cost-effective to invest in rechargeable lithium batteries. Not only will they last longer, they will allow the flashlight to produce brighter light. Furthermore, they can help extend the life cycle of components and allow the device to perform better in inclement weather.

The A T6 Pro has many uses and is ideal for nearly everyone. Our customers have reported using the flashlight while hiking and cycling; performing maintenance at their home or workplace; walking their dogs; and storing in their car, boat, or RV roadside emergency kit.

Top Flashlight for Secondary Police Field Work

Anyone who spends time outdoors will appreciate the durability and brightness of the compact T6 torch lite. This style is great for camping and caving adventures and a must-have for hunters and fishermen.

Those who want a tactical flashlight for personal safety will appreciate the high level of lumens produced by the T6. When placed on high, this compact light emits 500 lumens which can cause temporary blindness when shone directly into a person’s eyes.

Women like the Cree LED tactical flashlight because it is small enough to carry in their hand, yet powerful enough to use as a weapon. The AT6 Pro can be carried in a woman’s purse when not in use. It is perfect for taking along on evening walks or illuminating areas inside a parking garage.

Tradesmen who work in the construction or public utilities industries find this flashlight to be the perfect choice. Not only does it illuminate their work area, it can be mounted to hard hats; allowing the use of both hands to complete the task. The T6 is ideal for woodworkers, electricians, auto mechanics, plumbers, and painters.

Simon A T6 tactical flashlights require 3 AAA alkaline batteries or one lithium ION battery. The Cree bulbs have a life cycle of up to 100,000 hours. The durable aircraft grade aluminum is non-corrosive and shock-resistant to provide many years of use.