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Pet Urine UV Blacklight Flashlight


UV Blacklight Flashlight for Detecting DRY Dog – Rodents and Cat Urine Spots on Carpets, Rugs, Drapes, Floors, Baseboards and Furniture. The Perfect Gift for any Pet Owner to Find Embarrassing Hidden Odors, Spots and Stains not seen from the Naked Eye.

Also, this UV Black Light is the perfect Scorpion Flashlight if you live in a warm and dry climate. Happy Hunting!

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Find those obnoxious odors with the Simon UV Black Light Flashlight that Detects DRY cat urine stains in your rugs, carpets, floor and drapes. Imagine finally finding the odor that you never seem to get rid of because you are guessing where it is. Well, no longer will you be guessing the spots where Fido and Princess left you a special gift to mark their territory in your home. 

You can Detect the DRY urine spots in a few seconds with the Simon pet urine detecting uv blacklight. First step is to take action and buy the perfect little light that will open your eyes to discovering your lovely pet mistakes. 

You will be in awe with what you find, imagine no more embarrassing stinky odors that you have to try to hide with fragrance when company comes over or even not ever having company over you house at all? 

This UV blacklight is used for a wide variety of fluorescence detections. For example this is a perfect scorpion flashlight if you live in the desert or a hot and DRY environment. It also can enhance fluorescence’s in chemicals like radiator fluid, detergents and certain mechanical fluids.

You will always never want to leave home without it when traveling to for business or pleasure. When you get to your destination hotel turn on your UV Blacklight flashlight and turn off the lights in the room to really see how clean your hotel bed and bathrooms really are.

It also can detect holograms and imprinted strips on identification cards like driver’s licenses, green cards and passports and even paper currency.  As you can see there are many more uses for the UV Blacklight flashlight then just detecting pet urine spots.

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