Simon Flashlight 34mm diffusers
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34 mm Diffusers


34 mm Flashlight Diffusers or Filters for Small LED Flashlights.

Need a good set of Blue, Green or Red diffusers that mount on any 34mm Head unit of a LED Flashlight. They simply slide on in a second and are easy to pull off. Perfect for the Simon Cree T6 or XPE. Get Yours NOW!

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Simon 34 mm Flashlight DiffusersThe Simon set of three 34 mm colored diffusers are mounted in a flexible elastic silicone frame which slips over the head of any 34 – 35 mm flashlight. The simple and practical design of the diffusers make them ideal to add to your arsenal of tools for any situation.

These are the perfect fit for the widely Popular Simon Cree T6 Pro Led Flashlight to use for Hunting, Camping, Fishing and Map reading. Of course they will fit many other name brand LED flashlight on the market. You just need to order the correct size for your Flashlight.

Let us explain how you can use these color diffusers.

The Red Filter Diffuser most common uses are:

Deer Hunters use it when hunting, because it won’t spook deer since they poorly see the red light spectrum. It is also great for penetrating fog or smoke and doesn’t impair night vision goggles. You may use it for close range non-tactical applications to reduces light intensity for emergencies.

The Green Filter Diffuser is great for reading maps at night for covert operations and will not impair night vision. The military has been using green diffuser for years in there every day ops.

The Blue Filter Diffuser produces a smooth beam of light that is perfect for night fishing and tracking wounded game. It also is good for reading maps in low light ops. Whatever your needs are these flashlight diffusers are a must have in your arsenals of tools. Buy Yours NOW!


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