Obtain the Pet Urine Light Extraordinaire

A pet urine light is a kind of flashlight that does an extraordinary job of highlighting where a pet has had an accident. This light detecting dry pet urine works exceptionally well on carpets, drapes, clothing, linens, mattresses, and any other fabric-based substance where the pee has had a chance to seep in, making the stain less noticeable to the human eye. It also works on linoleum, slate, and any other hard surface, but in these cases the stain is usually pretty obvious whether still liquid or in dried form.

Pet Urine Finder UV Black Light

A good pet urine light proves invaluable to anyone who wants to understand better if his cat or dog is undergoing stress and the nature of it. It proves invaluable to anyone who finds the smell of urine offensive, who has members of the household with allergies or respiratory problems, who cares about maintaining property value, or who simply wants peace of mind about inviting others into his or her home.

The basic idea is to shine ultraviolet (UV) light on objects or substances that fluoresce, making them stand out. This must be done in complete darkness or near darkness, else the full-spectrum light masks out the effect. To design both a practical and effective tool, then, means supplying sufficient brightness of the ultraviolet light to trigger fluorescence at a reasonable distance (10 to 100 feet, depending on the application) in a package reasonably portable and maneuverable.

This package wouldn’t have to be a flashlight, although that is the most logical choice. However, until the last ten to fifteen years, it was impractical if not impossible to build a UV flashlight that emitted enough lumens.

The breakthrough came with light emitting diode (LED) technology. The first LEDs were limited to monochromatic light in the infrared to red range, and they were very inefficient. But gradually the spectrum was broadened until blue and ultraviolet were achieved (the wavelength of emission is dependent on the band gap of the base semiconductor), and luminous efficacy also continued to be improved.

Today, a UV blacklight flashlight that puts out hundreds of lumens per watt in any color imaginable is readily available. The wavelength range is roughly between 365 and 410 nanometers (nm). Brightness varies somewhat inversely with wavelength, and the optimum wavelength depends on the particular application for which the flashlight is intended.

Because of the high luminous efficacy of modern LED bulbs, black light flashlights can be powered with three AAA batteries, making them compact and lightweight. They can easily be held in one hand, freeing the other to tackle the needed task. Some lights come with a single LED bulb, while others use an array of smaller LEDs. Both types are equally effective.

Pet Urine UV Light

For detecting pet urine, we recommend a light with a wavelength of about 390 nm. This is a good compromise between optimum frequency and maximum brightness. Such a light should be easy to find because the number of applications it can be used for keeps growing.

For instance, it can be used to check for (hidden) watermarks in currency and government-issued identifications. It can be used to check for rodent infestation and to hunt scorpions at night. And there are specialized applications in gemology, mineralogy, the inspection industry, and a number of other professions.