Great Adjustable Mini Torch Hand Held Flashlight for Under $30

A mini torch flashlight is a good device to have on hand. The uses are nearly endless; making it a smart choice for home, work, play, and safety. Whether you need to shed light on home repairs or illuminate outdoor environments, this style is appropriate for most tasks.

Prior to purchasing a mini torch, take time to compare flashlights and manufacturers. Look for devices which are made from durable components; include Cree bulbs; and offer multiple light settings.

Today, consumers have access to lightweight, yet durable flashlights that can last for years and cost less than $30. There are several styles available including penlight, torch light, tactical, and UV blacklight.

People can obtain additional savings by investing in rechargeable batteries. Not only will they always have a fresh supply on hand, they will help reduce the level of environmental toxins placed into public landfills.

The technology of light emitting diodes (LED) has revolutionized the flashlight industry. Devices can deliver much brighter light beams and bulbs last for upwards of 100,000 hours; making them very economical.

At Simon Flashlights, we only use Cree LED bulbs and chips due to their reputation of quality and long lifespan. Renowned as an industry leader, Cree produces LED components that are long-lasting, yet affordable.

A XPE mini torch LED flashlight

All of our flashlights are manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum to provide consumers with a durable, shock-resistant, and long-lasting device. Although the flashlight body is rugged, it is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip.

The Simon 150 lumen torch light is just a little over 5-inches long and 1-1/4-inch in diameter. It can easily be carried by hand and stored in compact areas such as car consoles, roadside emergency kits, and hand bags.

Don’t let the size of the mini torch light fool you. This compact device emits up to 150 lumens when set on high. It also includes a strobe feature which ideal for emergency situations or to provide better visibility in outdoor environments.

It’s a great multipurpose flashlight that can be used around the house or at work. It is ideal for trades people who work in automotive, construction, or utility industries.

Our mini torch flashlight yields adequate lighting for law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and EMT’s and can be used during traffic stops or to illuminate the scene of an accident.

With 16 adjustable focus settings, users can obtain a wide range of light beams. Whether you need pinpoint lighting or an expansive beam, this compact flashlight delivers on every level.

The Simon XPE mini torch weighs eight ounces and includes an attached belt clip and adjustable wrist band. Both attachments let users operate the flashlight hands-free and offer a convenient way to carry the device.

Many of our customers purchase two or more torch lights to ensure they have lighting wherever they go. The XPE 200 is ideal for taking along when boating, camping, or hiking, as well as keeping in emergency roadside or survival kits.

The A XPE is is a close proximity light that is designed to ONLY toss the beam of light 40 feet or less in front of you. It is an excellent flashlight to work in close quarters.

Along with mini torch flashlights, we also carry a line of tactical and blacklight flashlights. We invite you to browse our website and compare the different devices and their uses.