LED Headlamp

There are many different types of headlamp flashlights on the market. They range in price from $14.99 to $214.99, depending on materials used, lumens produced, and type of batteries required.

Investing in a Cree LED headlamp flashlight is the way to go. Not only do Cree components that produce some of the brightest light, they also provide a long life span. Renowned for their exceptional diodes and chips, Cree components offer benefits not found in other brands.

The style of headlamp chosen depends on how it will be used. Some devices are waterproof which allows them to be used underwater or in damp areas such as caves, crawl spaces, and underground sewer tunnels.

Tactical headlamps include colored interchangeable lenses to provide white, red, blue, or green lights during nighttime activities, such as hunting, fishing, spelunking or military ops.

Industrial LED headlamps make use of a cloth head strap and also a rubber strap that can be placed around a hard hat. The LED housing swivels so the lamp can be directed where needed

Most portable headlamps offer multiple light settings to deliver brightness variety. Some include a strobe or flashing light, often used by people who work underground, such as coal mines, or cyclists who ride during nighttime hours.

Headlamp flashlights are ideal for people who work in fields that require hands-free lighting such as first responders, construction workers, and linesmen. They are also the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

LED headlamps are offered with a variety of lumens which range from 20 to 600 and deliver a wide range of brightness. Some are powered by one LED bulb, while others include as many as 50 individual light emitting diodes.

Generally, these devices are battery-powered, but some include a rechargeable light. Industrial headlamps often include a power cord attached to a belt-carried battery.

For the average consumer, LED headlamps that produce 50 lumens or less is sufficient. These devices typically require AA or AAA batteries. It’s advisable to use brand name rechargeable batteries, especially if helmet lights will be used for extended periods of time.

People who work in hazardous locations or around flammable and explosive gasses need to seek out UL 913 certified LED headlamps which are rated safe for use in volatile environments.

Advanced technology has made LED flashlights substantially lighter, brighter, and more comfortable than ever before. Some devices can illuminate spaces up to 200 yards away, while others offer multiple light settings and lens colors.

Taking time to compare various features will pay off by providing you with the exact type required for the tasks and activities you take part in. Having adequate lighting is essential when engaging in dangerous jobs or while out exploring Nature.

Last, but not least, always use quality batteries to power your LED headlamp flashlight. Not only will the flashlight be able to produce the highest level of brightness, quality batteries will also extend the life cycle.

Simon Flashlights offers a variety of Cree LED flashlights for all your daily needs. Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose device for household tasks, a tactical flashlight for personal protection, or a pen flashlight to illuminate small spaces, we have you covered!