Law Enforcement Flashlights

If you are interested in learning about or purchasing law enforcement flashlights, you have come to the right place. Simon Flashlights offers a variety of tactical and non-lethal devices that can be used for personal safety, as well as common tasks.

Many people think of law enforcement flashlights as the long, slender nightsticks often referred to as billy clubs or batons. This is the style portrayed in movies and used by prison guards and police officers to subdue inmates and criminals.

In the past, tactical flashlights were primarily used by law enforcement and military personnel. However, they were so effective as defense weapons that manufacturers developed devices that could be used by the general public.

This style is popular amongst hunters, hikers, bikers, campers, survivalists, spelunkers, construction and utility workers, and people who want to be prepared for emergencies.

LED tactical flashlights are also very popular amongst women. Newer models are equipped with LED bulbs which emit high levels of lumens and can be used to temporarily blind an attacker.

Another popular feature is Cree LED tactical flashlights can be mounted to firearms. This is particularly important to law enforcement officers undergoing field training.

Police officers typically use dedicated weapon lights which are attached on rail mounts. Gun enthusiasts and outdoorsmen often use handheld devices which are attached using a tube mount.

Mounted flashlights are ideal for field testing and target practice purposes. Anyone who is placed in a hostile environment needs the ability to identify their target as quickly as possible.

Law enforcement flashlights can be transformed from handheld to weapon-mounted quickly and efficiently. This gives police officers and outdoorsmen the ability to practice using the flashlight in different environments and become familiar with the various light setting combinations.

Simon Cree Law Enforcement LED Flashlight A T6

It’s important to purchase flashlights that deliver adequate lumens for the testing environment. Look for devices that emit 150 to 500 lumens and include a minimum of three focus settings.

As an example, if you are in a wide open field with minimal moonbeam or excessive cloud cover, you will want to use flashlights that produce 500 lumens or more. If it’s a full moon and the sky is full of stars, a flashlight that produces 150 lumens will likely be adequate.

The Simon Tactical T6 Pro offers the best of both worlds. With its 5-mode touch settings and 16 adjustable focus settings the beam cast can be adjusted from pinpoint to broad flood beam.

While law enforcement LED flashlights are ideal for outdoor environments and as personal safety devices, they are also a good option for use around the home or office.

Due to the ability to control light beams, the T6 Simon Flashlight is suitable for nearly any task. It is perfect for storing in emergency kits for automobiles, RV’s and boats. It can illuminate sidewalks or paths while taking an evening stroll. It can help detect leaks under sinks or find items that have fallen behind appliances or under sofas.

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