Everyone can benefit from having a flashlight around. These handy gadgets can provide light when the power goes off and illuminate small spaces or expansive areas.

Having the right type of flashlight on hand can simplify tasks or deliver adequate lighting in emergency situations. At Simon Flashlights, we offer a variety of devices including penlights, headlamps, torch lights, tactical, and UV black lights.

Penlights are perfect for illuminating small spaces. They can be attached to key chains and used to locate car keys or shine light on key holes. LED penlight flashlights are about the size of a Sharpie marker and typically emit 10 to 20 lumens.

Headlamp flashlights are preferred by people who work in utility, construction, and maintenance professions. They are also a favorite of cyclists, hikers, campers, and spelunkers.

There are various styles of headlamps. Some are connected to fabric straps which extend over and around the head. Others can be connected to construction hard hats or cycling helmets.

Torch lights are multi-purpose devices and the most popular style of flashlights. They are often found in people’s homes, garages, work places, cars, RV’s and boats.

A XPE mini torch lite

Our Simon Cree LED flashlight XPE is a compact device that can be used for nearly any task. The quality chipset produces up to 200 lumens using 6.07 watts for every 80.55 lumens.

The beam can be adjusted from pinpoint to wide cast using the 16 focus settings. Brightness levels can be set to low, high, or strobe. The lightweight, yet rugged body is constructed from non-corrosive 6061 aircraft aluminum that will last for several years.

Simon tactical flashlights are another style of multi-purpose devices, but emit up to 500 lumens. This is a very versatile device that can be used around the house; in certain professions; by outdoorsmen; or for personal protection.

A T6 Tactical Hand Held

This LED torch light has a rugged design that is shock-resistant. It has a protective rubber bumper and 2-inch heavy duty belt clip, as well as the ability to mount on rifles, shotguns, or pistols.

Our T6 flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries or one rechargeable lithium ion battery. The amount of light can be controlled with five settings which include low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS, along with sixteen focus settings ranging from pinpoint to wide beam cast.

UV blacklight flashlights come in handy for tracking down invisible pet urine stains; identifying counterfeit money; and validating ID cards. Many night clubs use this style of flashlight to illuminate ultraviolet stamps placed on patron’s hands to prove they have paid the cover charge.

Simon Pet Urine Flash Light

The Simon pet urine light can help pet owners locate unpleasant smells hidden in carpets, draperies, linens, and fabrics. Pet urine can quickly destroy fibers and result in permanent urine stench. Being able to locate dried urine lets owners efficiently clean the area and eliminate odors.

Regardless of your need for a flashlight, Simon Flashlights can help. Our line of LED flashlights can help you accomplish any task and illuminate the path for where you are headed.