Bright Flashlight

Having a bright flashlight on hand can save the day if the power goes out or you need to locate a lost item in dark corners. Being able to shine light upon a task can eliminate frustration and ensure the job is performed safely.

Thanks to the development of LED lights, it’s much easier to find a bright flashlight. These tiny light emitting diodes produce lumens which offer a higher level of illumination than incandescent bulbs.

LED flashlights are very energy efficient and economical to operate. Most require alkaline or lithium ion batteries, but some make use of a USB port that can be charged via computers, cell phones, or wall adapters.

The Simon 150 lumens flashlight is one of our brightest and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. It is equipped with a Cree bulb and diode chip set and delivers between 40 and 200 lumens, depending on the selected light setting.

A XPE 200

Cree bulbs have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and deliver exceptionally bright light. The compact mini torch is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is ideal for outdoor activities or as a non-lethal personal safety device.

Manufactured from exceptionally durable and non-corrosive aircraft grade aluminum, Simon mini torch flashlights can withstand a lot of abuse. The durable body includes a shock-resistant rubber bumper and helps to protect the inner workings and glass light shield.

Although compact in size, this LED flashlight offers many built-in features including: 16 adjustable focus settings, 3 light settings (low, high, and strobe), a lanyard-style wrist band, and heavy duty belt clip.

When set on low, the flashlight produces about 40 lumens which is more than adequate for most common tasks. The high setting produces up to 200 lumens and is capable of inducing temporary blindness if shone directly into a person’s eyes.

For this reason, the torch light is ideal for personal safety. However, it should be kept out of reach of young children. Those old enough to use it ought to be taught how to use it safely.

Simon Flashlights are engineered to deliver ample lighting for many tasks and activities. The slim design makes is easy for consumers to use the device in confined spaces. The Cree LED bulb delivers exceptionally bright light that can illuminate tight or wide open spaces by changing the adjustable focus settings.

Everyone can benefit from having multipurpose flashlights on hand. Our mini torch is ideal for college students who often walk campus after dark. It’s the perfect size for storing in cars and boats and easily fits inside tool boxes or junk drawers for easy access when needed.

The belt clip, wrist strap, and adjustable focus settings offer additional flexibility to perform a wider range of tasks. Light beams range from pinpoint to broad cast, as well as a strobe feature.

Simon Flashlights are an affordable option for all your lighting needs. Whether you’re looking for a compact bright flashlight for daily use, tactical flashlight for bigger jobs or personal safety, or UV blacklight to detect pet urine stains or validate IDs and currency, we have you covered!