Portable UV Blacklight Flashlight

3 Easy Steps to Rid Cat Urine Stains

Cat urine odors and stains are very unpleasant, and the problem arises from a variety of causes. Leaving cat urine on the carpet, drapes, linens, or clothing is your pet’s way of informing you that something is wrong. This something might be a bladder infection, a new anxiety, lack of[…]

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200 Lumens Flashlight – Close Proximity LED Flashlight

Light Emitting Diodes have opened up the word to endless possibilities of energy saving hand held flashlights. One of the greatest inventions for any type of lighting system that is currently available. A diode is a semiconductor with a junction of two materials that emits light. They are inexpensive to[…]

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Cree LED Flashlight T6 Pro

Tactical T6 Pro – Close Proximity LED Flashlight

Simon T6 Pro LED Flashlight is popular among Ambulance Drivers, EMT, Security Guards and Polices Officers around the world for it’s versatility, light weight and rugged design. It is the brightest LED flashlight in the 500 lumens class of drivers for low wattage. If your looking for a good multipurpose[…]

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