Best LED Flashlights

While it might seem like an easy job, choosing LED flashlights can actually be quite overwhelming. There are hundreds of styles ranging from pocket penlights to portable spotlights. Some can be used for anything, while others are better suited for specific tasks.

Adjustable Multipurpose LED Flashlight Simon XPE

The easiest way to select the right type of LED flashlights is to consider all the ways it will be used. If you want a device that can be carried in your pocket or purse than a penlight flashlight would be a good choice.

These small gadgets typically emit between 1 and 2 lumens which produce a tightly focused light beam. They are perfect for casting light on car doors and entryways, and can help locate items which have fallen under automobile seats or sofas.

Multitask flashlights are one of the more popular styles because they can be used in many different environments. They are ideal for use inside the home or office; on job sites; in cars, boats, and RVs; or for outdoor activities such as spelunking, hiking, cycling, or camping.

Multipurpose LED flashlights generally include multiple settings which deliver light beams ranging from pinpoint to expansive. The compact body makes it easy to hold, carry, and store away.

Many manufacturers include an adjustable wrist strap for ease in carrying on walks. Others include brackets for attaching the flashlight to helmets or hard hats.

This style is great for carrying in the car because it casts a wide beam that can help drivers check under the hood, change a flat tire, or signal for help. When using multi-purpose flashlights as part of a roadside emergency kit, look for ones that include a strobe or SOS setting.

Tactical LED flashlights are a good option for people who need the highest level of brightness. This style is preferred by people who want a device for personal protection, as well as people who work in law enforcement or the military.

Tactical flashlights usually emit 250 lumens, which is more than sufficient for causing temporary blindness. Some manufacturers include a strike bezel around the glass shield which is specifically used to strike an assailant in the face, neck, or hand.

Simon LED Flashlight T6 Pro Features

Along with determining the best style, it’s also important to consider the amount of lumens emitted from flashlights. Most people will find 150 lumens is adequate for nearly any task. However, those who need additional lighting or want to illuminate large spaces will likely want a flashlight that can emit up to 500 lumens.

Lumen levels can be controlled with light settings. A multi-purpose flashlight might emit 50 to 250, depending on the setting. Having the ability to change the beam cast lets people use the device for numerous tasks and eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices.

Last, but not least, people should look for LED flashlights that use Cree bulbs and chips. Cree is world-renowned for producing the highest quality components at affordable prices. Cree bulbs will last for years and provide the brightest light.

To maximize the lifetime of bulbs and chips use high quality batteries. LED lights can drain batteries quickly when used continuously on high setting. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a supply on hand; especially when camping or hiking. Most people prefer to use rechargeable lithium batteries to reduce operating costs.

Simon Flashlights offers a variety of some of there best LED flashlights, including our UV Blacklight which aides in detecting dry pet urine. Each device is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum; include Cree bulbs and chips; and backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.