Adjustable Flashlight

Investing in an adjustable flashlight is a smart choice. This compact device can illuminate your space and help you perform tasks more efficiently or be a beacon in emergency situations.

An adjustable flashlight delivers greater flexibility and can be used for numerous activities. Having the ability to change light settings allows you to use the device for a variety of tasks.

16 Adjustable Dial Focus Settings + 3 Modes

For instance, the Simon mini torch light is ideal for home use. It can provide light if the power goes out or illuminate areas requiring maintenance. It’s the perfect size for reading a book in bed without disturbing your partner. It can illuminate a path to the restroom in the middle of the night or when taking evening walks with your pet.

Adjustable close proximity flashlights are perfect for storing in your automobile or boat. If you experience engine problems, the flashlight can help locate broken belts, hoses, or parts.

It can be a lifesaver if you need to pull over to change a flat tire or become stranded at sea. Our compact multipurpose flashlights include strobe and/or SOS features which can be used to signal for help.

Along with storing in automobile safety kits, it’s advisable to keep one in your tool box. Many household tasks require additional illumination. Whether changing the oil in your car or cleaning out the dryer vent hose, being able to clearly see what you’re doing makes the job much easier and safer.

It’s important to choose the right type of adjustable flashlight for the task at hand. For most people, a multipurpose Cree LED flashlight will suffice. This style typically emits a maximum of 150 lumens and is adequate for most jobs.

If you’re looking for a flashlight capable of illuminating wide open spaces or one that can be used for personal safety, a tactical flashlight is a better option. The Simon A T6 Pro produces up to 250 lumens and is the brightest flashlight we offer with Adjustable settings.

This style is a favorite amongst law enforcement, military personnel, construction workers, and people who conduct work in dark or dimly lit places, such as plumbers, electricians, and mechanics.

Tactical flashlights are preferred by those who want a powerful, yet non-lethal, personal safety device. The brightness of 250 lumens can help people ward off attackers by shining the light in their eyes. Obviously we don’t recommend that you ever shine the flashlight in anyone’s eyes unless you feel that it is life threatening. With that said, the beam is so bright is can cause temporary blindness and provide time to run away.

If you prefer a smaller device, a penlight flashlight might be what you’re looking for. These slim devices only emit 10 to 70 lumens, but provide enough lighting to find small objects or illuminate door locks.

Last, but not least, if you need to detect pet urine stains or work in an industry that requires checking ID cards or money, then a UV blacklight flashlight is a good choice.

The Simon UV Blacklight pet urine detector is a great way to locate those stinky stains that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This device is also popular amongst people who participate in Scorpion hunting or are attempting to eradicate them from their home.

All of our adjustable flashlights are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and include multiple focus settings, with the exception of the UV blacklight. Our flashlights are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and include operating instructions to obtain the best results.