Simon Flashlights evolved from a client from another business stating that it was extremely difficult to sell anything online. We asked the client to pick any product on the planet and we can show you how you can sell a good quality product at an affordable price.

They decided to pick led flashlights, so we went with it and chose a new approach on how to develop, design and manufacture the new products.

We first did research to find all the complaints that people had with current flashlights online then we had to find wholesale and retail price points that would be profitable based a volume. Then we took suggestion from a wide variety of professionals and had then give us what they wanted in a light weight small yet rugged flashlight.

So, after a few months getting everything in order Simon Flashlights was launched with it’s first mini LED flashlight that was tested by law enforcement, EMT’s, military and mechanics. After another few months the data from continuous use and retail sales feedback on size and features and type of batteries used.

The result of having retail customers combined with law enforcement, security companies and large warehouse distribution centers using Simon flashlights. We have become a Custom Spec. LED flashlight builder and an affordable retail seller of performance led flashlights.

As you can see every one of the Simon LED Flashlights have been designed 100% by our customer and we listen to all of their suggestions in developing and improving the current line of Simon LED flashlights.